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My name is Amy Wu, and thank you for visiting Clinical Impressions. I am a marriage and family therapist based in Skokie, and I created Clinical Impressions to provide high-quality headshots to mental health and other healthcare professionals.


I have had headshots by Amy twice. She has always made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and helped me with posing and angles. I appreciate her attention to detail such as tucking in a tag or brushing back a wayward hair, because no one wants to have that ruin their photos! I'm very satisfied with the quality and appearance of the photos Amy has taken and edited for me - I'm currently using two of them as profile pictures right now! I have even had clients contact me due to seeing my picture and feeling a connection with me. I feel like Amy really brought out my true self in the headshots she has done for me and that has helped me attract the clients I want!



Grace Norberg, LMFT

Practice Owner, Grace Couple and Family Therapy

It is more important to click with people

than to click the shutter.


Alfred Eisenstaedt



As therapists, we have been taught to think that the most important part of our work occurs in the room with our clients, away from the public eye. However, in an increasingly digital world, the images we choose to represent ourselves as clinicians are the first forms of connection that we build with our current and potential clients, other mental health professionals, and referral partners.

Anyone can take a photograph these days, especially with our increasingly advanced phones. Even for those of us who have worked with professional photographers for our headshots, those photos can often feel formal and impersonal. I created Clinical Impressions to bring my experience as a practicing therapist to the photographs that I take of other therapists. As a therapist myself, I understand the importance of having a headshot that conveys warmth, empathy, and authenticity. 

My approach as a photographer is parallel to my approach as a therapist. With longer session times, I aim to create time and space to connect with the people I photograph, helping them feel more comfortable and genuine in front of the camera. With affordable packages and high-quality images, I hope to help therapists increase accessibility to their desired client populations. 

I have been both a film and digital photographer for almost 20 years, and when I'm not meeting with my clients, I love to go on photo adventures, collect film cameras, and make prints in the darkroom. My photographic style is natural, bright, and warm, and my goal in my portrait work is to help each of my subjects feel and look like the most authentic versions of themselves.



I offer customized packages for solo practitioners and group practices. Click here to view an example of a group practice package.


All packages include:


  • Pre-session coaching

  • Outdoor photo shoot sessions at a location of your choice*

  • In-session support and image consultation

  • Post-session advising and recommendations

  • High-resolution digital files of your choice: edit to correct exposure, contrast, and color; removal of minor skin blemishes

  • Additional edited files available for $25 each

  • Typical turnaround time of 5-7 business days


Discounts are available for returning clients and students. Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in booking a session!

* Shoots at locations more than 10 miles outside of the 60625 zip code will be charged an additional $1 per mile round trip. Any additional parking fees, tolls, or travel costs will also be billed to the client.


Package price: $250

  • 45-minute shoot

  • 2 digital files of your choice 

  • Complimentary website design consultation


(2-5 clinicians)

Package price: $175 per clinician

  • 25-30 minutes per clinician

  • 1 digital file per clinician

  • Complimentary group photos

  • Office photos available for additional cost


(6-9 clinicians)

Package price: $150 per clinician

  • 15-20 minutes per clinician

  • 1 digital file per clinician

  • Complimentary group photos

  • Office photos available for additional cost


(10 or more clinicians)

Due to scheduling and other details to coordinate with larger practices, I create custom contracts with practices with ten or more clinicians. Please message me to discuss your needs!




Why do you only shoot outdoors?

I believe that outdoor sessions provide a more personal touch compared to studio sessions, which often feel more corporate. In the future, I may offer in-office sessions as well; stay tuned for updates!

Which location should I choose?

Firstly, consider whether you would like to have a background that is more natural or more urban. This can be dependent on the location of your office and the clientele you typically serve.


For nature locations, I frequently go to Garfield Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago Botanical Gardens, or parks and beaches. The conservatories provide a good option for colder weather or rainy days! For urban locations, I have met clients at Millennium Park, the Bloomingdale Trail, or Ping Tom Park. My clients and I communicate via email to decide on a mutually convenient outdoor location together.

What should I wear?

The most important consideration is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed! In general, I recommend wearing colors that complement your skin tone and hair. Tops with simpler necklines (v-necks and scoop necks) typically photograph better than necklines with more fabric such as cowl necks. You can also bring a blazer, cardigan, scarf, or other accessories that you can layer on top of what you're wearing for a quick way to change up your look.

Your headshots can also be a way to represent important parts of your identity that you wish you convey to clients and colleagues. Examples can include patterns, colors, jewelry, or fabric that have personal significance, tops that show body art or piercings; or different hairstyles and makeup.

Most importantly, find something that you feel good in! Clothing that requires a lot of adjusting will make you feel self-conscious, and that will likely reflect in your facial expressions and body postures.

What can I expect during the session?


After introductions, I will direct you to appropriate locations to begin the shoot. I often chat with my clients throughout the session to help them feel comfortable, adjust hair and clothing as necessary, and direct body postures and facial expressions. I typically do a variety of close-up and farther shots with different angles and poses so that you have plenty to choose from. Throughout the session, I also check in with my clients on the photos we've taken to ensure satisfaction. I am collaborative and believe feedback to be an important part of our headshot session, just as it is in therapy!

What are next steps after we finish shooting?

After our session, I will send you a link to a Google album your photo proofs within 5-7 business days. These are unedited, watermarked files from which you will choose the photo(s) you wish for me to edit and retouch. I make recommendations for photos based on my experience, but you are certainly free to make your own choices as well! After you finalize your choices, I will then send you the high-resolution edited files via Dropbox for your own usage within another 5-7 business days. Clinicians in group practices will also receive their files to keep for their own use.


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