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Hello there and welcome!
My name is Amy Wu (she/her/hers), and thank you for visiting Clinical Impressions! I am a marriage and family therapist based in the Chicago area, and I created Clinical Impressions to provide high-quality headshots to mental health professionals.


When I first started my practice a few years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was get an eye-catching headshot. It was my first big step into my first big thing. I saw some of Amy’s work and thought she could capture what I was looking for. She exceeded my expectations! She emphasized my better features without making the headshot look overly posed or performative. Having these pictures makes it easy to get excited when I have to send a headshot for a presentation or event! Now that I’m a few years older and it’s time for me to update my headshots, you know where I’m going.



Myron Nelson, LCPC

It is more important to click with people
than to click the shutter.

Alfred Eisenstaedt


As therapists, we have been taught that the most important part of our work occurs in the room with our clients, away from the public eye. However, in our digital world, our headshots are the first forms of connection that we build with our current and prospective clients, other mental health professionals, and referral partners.

I launched Clinical Impressions to integrate my experiences as a practicing therapist with the photographs that I create with other therapists. As a therapist myself, I understand the importance of having a headshot that conveys warmth, empathy, and authenticity.

My approach as a photographer is parallel to my approach as a therapist. To me, it's not just about the end result of the photo; it's also about the experience of being photographed. I aim to create time and space to connect with the people I photograph, helping them feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Instead of choosing people's photos for them, I empower people to be actively involved in creating their own headshots. With affordable packages and high-quality images, I hope to help therapists increase accessibility to their desired client populations. 

I have been both a film and digital photographer for over 20 years, and when I'm not meeting with my clients, I love to go on photo adventures, collect film cameras, and make prints in the darkroom. My photographic style is natural, bright, and warm, and my goal in my portrait work is to help each of my subjects feel and look like the most authentic versions of whoever they are choosing to embody in that moment.

Photo by Anjali Pinto



I offer customized packages for solo practitioners and group practices of all sizes. Click here to view an example of a group practice package.


All packages include:


  • Pre-session coaching

  • In-session support and image consultation

  • Proofs album delivered within 3-5 business days

  • High-resolution digital files of your choice

  • Typical turnaround time of 5-7 business days total​


All headshot packages are available for solo practitioners as well as group practices of all sizes. For group practices interested in establishing a longer-term working relationship, check out my partnership package!

$150 per person

This express package helps you get a headshot if your practice website needs a jumpstart or facelift! Quick and easy, this is a great place to start.

This package includes:


$300 per person

This mid-range package is designed for practitioners  and practices who want to have a variety of options with clothing, backdrop, and poses in their headshots.

This package includes:


$1000 per person

This deluxe package was created to honor therapists as multi-faceted individuals. For those who wish to bring more of their full selves into their work, this is for you!

Due to the unique nature of this package, consultation and concept development are needed prior to booking.

This package includes:



Practice packages provide additional imagery for both solo practitioners and groups. Please schedule a consultation call with me to discuss details and receive quotes tailored to your needs!

$300 & up

Want to showcase your office? This package provides welcoming, inviting, and engaging images of your office space and decor details to use on your website and other marketing materials.

priced per project

Through this package, you will receive photos to use on your website, online accounts, and marketing materials in lieu of stock photos, with the goal of providing visual connection to your personal style, aethestic, and values.

$1500 & up

You recently started your practice or just rebranded, and you need everything! The all-inclusive package includes up to $1000 in value for headshots in addition to office photos and web imagery. We will work closely together to take care of all your practice's visual needs!


  • How do I book a session with you?
    SOLO PRACTITIONERS Book your Just the Basics or A Little Extra headshot session through Calendly, which also includes an integrated payment platform, so on the day of your session, all you have to do is show up! CELEBRATING YOU PACKAGE, GROUP PRACTICE HEADSHOTS, & PRACTICE PACKAGES For all other packages, please schedule a 15-20 minute consultation call through Calendly. For solo practitioners interested in the Celebrating You package, our meeting will be focused on getting to know you and discussing ideas together. After we decide on the date, time, and location of your first headshot session, you will receive a personalized Calendly link to finalize the booking. For group practices scheduling headshot sessions or interested in the partnership package, we will go over details of date, time, and location. Once we agree on a session time and date, I follow up with a personalized Calendly link for individuals within your practice to sign up for time slots. The invoice will be sent separately to a designated practice representative. For all practice packages, our call will be focused on getting details of the scope of the project, such as how large your office space is or what kinds of web imagery you're looking for. I will provide a quote based on your individual needs. A note on COVID-19: I have received all recommended vaccine doses, and during both indoor and outdoor headshot sessions, I wear medical-grade masks for the entire duration of the session regardless of the other person's vaccination status. I accept any cancellations related to COVID-19 symptoms. My priority during this time is your comfort and safety; if you're feeling worried about the risks associated with an in-person meeting, I would recommend postponing your session.
  • What are the location options for headshots?
    Location options are only available for A Little Extra and Celebrating You packages. The Just the Basics sessions take place at the Clinical Impressions studio (Option 1). OPTION 1: MY SPACE The Clinical Impressions studio in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago features beautiful natural lighting, multiple backdrops in different colors and textures, and lots of plants and other props. I set up my studio to mimic a therapy space (and I actually do see clients in my studio as well!) so that your headshots will feel warm, friendly, and just like you're in the room with your clients. OPTION 2: YOUR SPACE I am available to come to your home or office space for your headshot session. This is a great way for you to highlight your personal style in a setting that you are comfortable in and familiar with. Prior to the session, I request photos and videos of your space so I have an idea of how to help set up your space for our session. Please note that travel is restricted to a 10-mile radius from the 60613 zip code, and any additional parking fees, tolls, or travel costs will be added to your invoice. OPTION 3: RENTED SPACE Peerspace offers studio rentals throughout the city at affordable hourly rates. Choose a studio space you'd like and include the link in my booking form. I will book the Peerspace studio after you complete your booking with me, and the cost of the rental will be added to your invoice. Take note of any hourly minimums; I do not extend headshot session times, but you can use the studio for the entire duration of the rental.
  • What should I wear for my headshots? What else should I do to prepare?
    The most important consideration is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed—what helps you feel most "you"! For packages including outfit changes, bringing a blazer, cardigan, scarf, or other accessories can be a quick and easy way to switch up your look. ​ Your headshots can be a way to represent important parts of your identity that you wish you convey to clients and colleagues. Examples include patterns, colors, jewelry, or fabric that have personal and cultural significance, clothing that shows off body art or piercings; or different hairstyles and makeup.​ ​ Most importantly, find something that you feel good in! Try on the outfit at home and spend a bit of time in it if it's something new to see how you feel. Clothing that requires a lot of adjusting will make you feel self-conscious, and that will likely reflect in your facial expressions and body postures. The night before your session, try your best to get some rest. On the day of the session, budget your time to account for unexpected factors such as traffic, so that you aren't feeling worried about being late or rushing to the location of the session. Just like any other potentially anxiety-provoking events, such as giving a presentation or performing, taking steps to feel prepared helps you arrive at your session in a more relaxed and open state of mind.
  • Should I book a makeup artist or a hair stylist?
    This is entirely up to you! Some folks like being in charge of their own look; for others, it can help ease their nerves to have professionals take care of them. If you'd like referrals, let me know and I'm happy to send you suggestions for hair and makeup artists that I know and trust, though I cannot guarantee that their availability would match up with the day of your headshot session.
  • What can I expect during my headshot session with you?
    Most people feel anxious and vulnerable about being in front of the camera. My goal is to create a safe space for you to feel more comfortable, and hopefully even have a little fun! After introductions, I will direct you to appropriate locations to begin the session. I often chat with my clients throughout our time together to help them feel at ease, adjust hair and clothing as necessary, and direct body postures and facial expressions. I typically do a variety of close-up and farther shots with different angles and both sitting and standing poses, so that you'll have plenty options to choose from. Throughout the session, I also check in with you on the photos we've taken to ensure satisfaction. I believe collaboration and feedback to be important parts of our headshot session, just as it is in therapy!
  • What does the Celebrating You package involve?
    Our lives outside of our work inform, impact, and deepen our work. I created the Celebrating You package to honor the fullness of our authentic selves beyond our identities as therapists. This package is designed to provide one set of standard professional headshots, and another set of photos to highlight for an aspect of your personal self beyond your identity as a therapist that you wish to share and celebrate. Examples of what the second session might involve could be: at home with you and your family, outdoors enjoying nature, engaging in a passion of yours such as art or cooking. Prior to booking this package, I schedule a call to get to know you and brainstorm ideas together. The first standard headshot session also provides additional time to get comfortable with one another, continue to collaborate, and co-create an experience in which you feel celebrated and seen for who you are.
  • What are next steps after our headshot session is done?
    For Just the Basics and A Little Extra packages, I will send you an album of your photo proofs within 5 business days after your session. Proofs are unedited, watermarked files from which you will choose the photo(s) you wish for me to edit and retouch. I make recommendations for photos based on my experience, but of course the final decision is up to you! After you make your selections, I will send you the high-resolution edited files via Dropbox within another 5 business days. For group practices, each individual is able to choose their own photo, and practice owners have the option of sharing the high-resolution files with their team. For Celebrating You and practice packages, proofs are not provided unless requested. Depending on the scope of the project, I typically provide a minimum of 20-30 high-resolution edited files per session within 7 business days.
  • What are proofs? Why can't I keep all the photos from our session?
    Most people's experiences with professional photography are at weddings or portrait sessions where you typically receive a big batch of photos for a single price, so I understand that paying $25 for each photo might feel like a lot! Unlike wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographers, headshot photographers like me individually retouch every single photo. The retouching process includes but is not limited to: adjusting lighting, contrast, color, and tone; removing skin blemishes, stray hairs, dust or stains on clothing; smoothing skin surface and texture; and brightening teeth and dark undereye areas. This is not an automated process, and my prices are reflective of the amount of time and care that I put into every headshot I co-create with the therapists I meet. Proofs are unedited, watermarked photos from which you will choose the photo(s) that you wish for me to retouch. Giving folks the opportunity to choose the individual photos they want allows me the ability to provide detailed, personalized, and customized retouching and focus on quality over quantity. When your headshot portrays a genuine, authentic, polished, and confident reflection of you, you won't need all those extra files sitting on your computer taking up space—you'll just need the one!
  • How do I prepare my office for photos?
    Photos of your office are not only a way to showcase your decor and style, they can also be a way to help new clients orient to your physical space and know what to expect when they come in for an in-person visit. The package includes wide angle shots of the entire room; detail shots of books other office items; and photos of the waiting room, hallway, and building (if allowed). During our consultation call, I will provide a price quote as well as a time estimate for the session. Prior to our scheduled session, I recommend cleaning and tidying up your space. Dust does show up in photos, so give all surfaces a wipe. Tuck away any cords or wires that are clearly visible, and empty out your trash cans. But if you miss anything, don't worry! During my office sessions, I move around items and furniture to help your office look its best and most inviting (but I always make sure to return everything back to its original place). If there are specific photos that you are looking to capture or specific dimensions, such as for a banner on your website, let me know and we can work together to make it happen! While there may not be much for you to actively do while I create your office photos, it is helpful for you or someone on your team to be there for the entire duration of the session to provide guidance if needed.
  • What kind of web imagery do you provide?
    Most clients start their search for a therapist online. Your website and online accounts are the first impression that prospective clients and referral sources get about you and your practice. Whether or not you've worked with a professional to creating specific branding, my web imagery package is designed to create custom photos tailored to your style and aesthetic. My goal is to provide personalized photos that visually communicate your mission, vision, and values to your site visitors. The consultation includes getting to know the core values of your practice, assessing alignment of your current design with those values, and creating goals together. The photos I provide could be of items or scenery, or of people in settings such as candid shots of your team during a meeting or event. Your goals could be as specific as "I want a photo of the skyline of Chicago instead of using a generic stock photo" or as broad as "I want photos that convey warmth and comfort." Together, we will identify how to create imagery that communicates the most important parts of who you are as a practice.


Celebrating You FAQ
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