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Hello there and welcome!
My name is Amy Wu (she/her/hers), and thank you for visiting Clinical Impressions! I am a marriage and family therapist based in the Chicago area, and I created Clinical Impressions to provide high-quality headshots to mental health professionals.


Amy has been a close colleague of mine for the past decade, and I have used Clinical Impressions for photos and videos in both my corporate job and private practice. Amy artfully integrates therapy and photography in her work. Every time I work with Amy, I feel completely seen. She makes every effort to capture who I am as a clinician and person. Her warm, compassionate demeanor always makes me feel at complete ease. And her direction and photography expertise make me feel confident and poised. She clearly cares about her work, and it shines through even from behind the lens. If you want a photography experience focused on what makes you uniquely you, I couldn't recommend Amy more.



Beth Chung, LMFT

It is more important to click with people
than to click the shutter.

Alfred Eisenstaedt


As therapists, we have been taught that the most important part of our work occurs in the room with our clients, away from the public eye. However, in our digital world, our headshots are the first forms of connection that we build with our current and prospective clients, other mental health professionals, and referral partners.

I created Clinical Impressions to bring my experience as a practicing therapist to the photographs that I make of other therapists. As a therapist myself, I understand the importance of having a headshot that conveys warmth, empathy, and authenticity.

My approach as a photographer is parallel to my approach as a therapist. To me, it's not just about the end result of the photo; it's also about the experience of being photographed. I aim to create time and space to connect with the people I photograph, helping them feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Instead of choosing people's photos for them, I empower people to be actively involved in creating their own headshots. With affordable packages and high-quality images, I hope to help therapists increase accessibility to their desired client populations. 

I have been both a film and digital photographer for almost 20 years, and when I'm not meeting with my clients, I love to go on photo adventures, collect film cameras, and make prints in the darkroom. My photographic style is natural, bright, and warm, and my goal in my portrait work is to help each of my subjects feel and look like the most authentic versions of whoever they are choosing to embody in that moment.

Photo by Anjali Pinto



I offer customized packages for solo practitioners and group practices of all sizes. Click here to view an example of a group practice package.


All packages include:


  • Pre-session coaching

  • In-session support and image consultation

  • Proofs album delivered within 3-5 business days

  • High-resolution digital files of your choice

  • Typical turnaround time of 5-7 business days total​


All headshot packages are available for solo practitioners as well as group practices of all sizes. For group practices interested in establishing a longer-term working relationship, check out my partnership package!

$150 per person

This express package helps you get a headshot if your practice website needs a jumpstart or facelift! Quick and easy, this is a great place to start.

This package includes:


$300 per person

This mid-range package is designed for practitioners and practices who want to have more variety of options for their headshots with clothing, backdrop, and poses.

This package includes:


$1000 per person

This deluxe package was created to honor therapists as multi-faceted individuals. For those who wish to bring more of their full selves into their work, this is for you!

Due to the unique nature of this package, consultation and concept development are needed prior to booking.

This package includes:



Practice packages provide additional imagery for both solo practitioners and groups. Please schedule a consultation call with me to discuss details and receive quotes tailored to your needs!

$300 & up

Want to showcase your office? This package provides welcoming, inviting, and engaging images of your office space and decor details to use on your website and other marketing materials.

priced per project

Through this package, you will receive photos to use on your website, online accounts, and marketing materials in lieu of stock photos, with the goal of providing visual connection to your personal style, aethestic, and values.

$1500 & up

You recently started your practice or just rebranded, and you need everything! The all-inclusive package includes up to $1000 in value for headshots in addition to office photos and web imagery. We will work closely together to take care of all your practice's visual needs!




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